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Socks: Plain Sock, Merino Wool + Possum, Made in New Zealand

Socks: Plain Sock, Merino Wool + Possum, Made in New Zealand

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A beautiful soft and warm sock for daily wear or comfortable wear at home. Made in New Zealand from pure merino wool blended with possum fibre for extra warmth and softness as well as nylon and Lycra for elasticity. 

Treat yourself to a truly warm and soft pair of socks. 

A unique blend of possum fur and merino wool. Warmth without weight. Luxuriously soft. 
Low pill and long wearing. 

Sold individually. 

Pure New Zealand made. 

SIZE- Small up to 24cm 


Blossom (pink) 

Fern (green) restocked 

Cloud (grey / light blue) restocked 


53% merino sheep wool 

26% possum

23% nylon

7% silk

1% lycra 


Warmer than cashmere but has the luxury feel of cashmere, so soft. 


According to the label:

Warm hand wash. Rinse well.
Do not bleach or tumble dry. 
Dry flat in shade. 

What we do:

For machine washing avoid using a bleach-based or bio-enzyme detergent. We throw ours straight in the machine with the other everyday washing but they definitely do not go in the dryer. Simply hang on the clothesline or on an airing rack to air dry. 


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