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Scarf: Merino Wool + Possum Fibre Ladder Knit Scarf

Scarf: Merino Wool + Possum Fibre Ladder Knit Scarf

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Your wardrobe should be as hardworking as you are. This piece doubles as both a scarf and a shawl. At over 2 metres long, this beautifully knit piece transitions with you through the seasons, from a scarf to a light wrap.

Throw it around your shoulders when a breeze picks up. Wrap it tightly around your neck when the cold is really biting. Stepping in from outdoors, it's easily rearranged to accommodate changes in temperature.

And, if you end up carrying it in your bag it can be rolled compactly and weighs just 170g.

 素材 (Material)

70% Merino wool メリノウール, 20% Possum Fibre ポッサム毛,10% Silk ピュアマルベリーシルク 

 サイズ (One Size)

 L240cm x W50cm


お取り扱い (Care)

This is a delicate material, easily snagged so take care when wearing and washing. We recommend that you handwash in approved wool detergent or dry clean.

Wool does not need to be washed as often as man-made fabrics. Instead, you can air it overnight, hanging over a coat hanger or clothing rack. By morning it will smell fresh again. 

It's very important that you wash and dry carefully or dryclean at the end of the season, then store in a dry place to avoid moth damage during summer. 

手洗い / ドライクリーニング


商品情報 (Product Information)

Luxury Merino Wool & Possum Fibre Ladder Scarf.

メリノウール(羊毛)、シルク(絹)、ファー (毛皮)

Made in New Zealand. 

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